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Prices and Policies
Updated July 


SDDA charges tuition based on enrollment for the entire school-year season. It is divided into 9 monthly payments. For this reason, some months have 5 weeks of classes, and some will have two or three weeks. The structure of our tuition is based on the hours of a student's weekly enrollment, as shown in the Tuition Chart on this page.


Tuition is posted and payable on the first day of each month.


Families enrolling in AutoPay save $5 per month. Tuition is considered late after the 5th of the month and will be assessed a $10 late fee. Enter promo code "autopaydiscount" during checkout to claim this discount*.

23-24 pricing graphic.png


Registration Fees

Students enrolling in the School Year Season are assessed a registration fee of $30, and $10 for each additional family member. This charge is posted and payable upon enrollment.

Students enrolling in Summer Sessions are assessed a registration fee of $30, and $10 for each additional family member. This charge is posted and payable upon enrollment.



Deposits are due November 15 and December 15, with balances posted and due in January. Deposits vary depending on your students enrollment. Refer to our recital handbook for full details.

Performance Package

Our bundled recital performance package includes:  all production expenses, a commemorative recital t-shirt, 2 recital tickets, a recital award, and media fees for unlimited digital downloads of recital videography and professional action photography.


Performance Package is $150 for the first student in the family, $100 for the second, and $75 for each student thereafter.


SDDA offers Private Lessons for competition solos, duos, & trios, or for those students who desire focused 1:1 teaching, as follows:

Private Lesson (1:1)

30 Mins...$30

45 Mins...$45

60 mins...$60



Semi-Private (up to 3 students)

30 mins...$15 per student

45 mins...$25 per student

60 mins...$30 per student

*Payment for a private lesson is due at the time of service


All SDDA charges are non-refundable. There are no refunds for missed or dropped classes. However, you may MAKE UP a missed class within two weeks. Call the office to make arrangements.

Note:  Tuition is charged based on enrollment, not attendance. You may withdraw your student from classes at any time. Withdrawals must be made IN WRITING by the 25th of the month to avoid charges for the following month.


SDDA believes faithful class attendance is essential to the success of your student, as well as the other students in his or her classes. We ask for your commitment to regular attendance throughout the entire school year. Please notify the office if your student will be absent.



SDDA follows the weather policy of Conway Public Schools. If CPS is closed, SDDA is closed. However, if conditions improve, SDDA may open. Please watch for emails, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most current information.


Multi-student Discount

Families with more than one dancer receive 10% off second and all subsequent students.

Pre-Paid Discount

Families who pre-pay the School Year season's tuition in September receive a 5% discount. Contact Mr. Kevin for more information.

*Discounts may not be combined.


Contact us now for your free trial class.

This applies to newcomers only

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