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Six-Week Classes


SDDA six-week courses are a great introduction to dance, requiring less time and financial commitment than our full season courses. Six-week courses are a great addition to your training if you just want to try a new style of dance. They are also great to get acquainted with our studio, staff, and dance classes in general before making a season-long commitment. There is no performance required for six-week classes, except an in-class parent showcase on the last day of class. There is no dress code required, no costumes to buy, and no extra fees. Check out our schedule and enroll in your six-week courses now…space is limited, so don’t delay!


  • No recital participation required!

  • No dress codes! (Comfortable clothing and socks are acceptable. Feel free to browse our used shoe selection if you decide that you want to purchase dance shoes.)

  • No registration fees! (a savings of $30)

  • Try multiple styles of dance by enrolling in more than one six-week course and save money while doing it!

  • Classes are FUN, full of energy, but with similar structure to our full-year classes!



  • 30-minute class tuition $65.00 for full 6 weeks

  • 45-minute class tuition $75.00 for full 6 weeks

  • 1-hour class tuition is $85 for full 6 weeks


See the Schedule


If, at the end of 6 weeks, your student loves the class and decides they want to continue, we can add their class to our full-year program at our regular prices, or they can transfer to another class that is already in session. Win-Win!


Call us today, or visit our website, to enroll.

*no refunds can be issued for any six-week course

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