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The Critics Have Spoken!

Stage Door Dance Arts Testimonials

"I just want to thank you guys. THANK YOU, for the tasteful & appropriate costume choices that you pick out every year for our children. I can not say enough about how much that means to me. As a parent it means so much, as a female it means so much. I know to some people it’s no big deal. But to’s a huge deal. Your costumes are classy, age appropriate & perfect for KIDS. Thank you for always having our babies’ best interests in mind. Really. Thank you."

~ Beth Willcut

"We love SDDA! Mrs. Haley, Mrs. Michelle, and Mr. Kevin create a “family like” environment for the dancers. Love seeing how they pour back into their older and adult dancers calling them to instruct and lead classes! Would definitely recommend!"

~ LaShanta Johnson

"Stage Door is THE BEST! The owners, teachers, and staff are kind and professional and so very helpful. We have complete faith in their ability to not only teach dance technique, but also to model and teach good character, work ethic, and citizenship. We LOVE SDDA!!"

~ Lena Priest

"As a newcomer to the competition scene, I just have to say how proud I am of SDDA. SDDA is most definitely set apart, from what I observed, in class, choreography, costuming, and attitudes. I love the high standards!"

~ Ginger Spradlin

"Stage Door is a wonderful dance studio! Our daughter loves going there every week. The staff and instructors are wonderful. The staff also has the best interest and safety of the kids in mind."

~ Courtney Sick

"Stage Door Dance Arts is a wonderful place for your children to learn dance of all kinds! The people who work there have your child’s best interest at heart and work hard to keep the children safe! Their Covid policy has been well thought out and is the best protection for the parents and children. The instructors are very talented and excellent teachers of dance! I love this place!"

~ Joyce Craig

"My daughter has completely blossomed here! This studio has amazing teachers and staff that truly care for the children. They become completely invested and want the best for them! They are professional, kind and are great to listen anytime I need help or clarification! I would and absolutely do recommend them to anyone!"

~ Rachel Thornton

"Love love stage door! We have tried 3 different dance studios in town and this is by far our favorite. The staff is amazing and makes everyone feel important. The love for the students is evident. Also choosing things age appropriate in terms of music, costumes, dances, etc is super important. The studio offers a variety of classes for different styles and ages and needs. Each year we have added more classes and will now be doing competition. Love this place and people."

~ Katelin Whiddon

"Highly recommend Stage Door Dance Arts. My daughter has danced there since they opened. By far the best experience she has had with a dance studio. The small class size and individual attention cannot be beat. She has progressed tremendously, and we love the positive atmosphere, modest costumes and music choices. It truly is like a family, and some of her best friends are girls she dances with. On a side note, I love that it is convenient, and I don’t have to fight for parking!"

~ Sheila Smith

"Yesterday was a full day of dance recital, and y’’s SO much more than ‘just’ dance. These girls learn work ethic, discipline, kindness, responsibility....I could go on & on.  AND they have tons of fun & make the sweetest friendships.

I truly couldn’t ask for better instructors & role models than Michelle Weatherley Knell & Haley Ashford with Stage Door Dance Arts. Top notch! Thank y’all for pouring yourselves into these girls. You are very appreciated."

~ Michelle Phillips

"We highly recommend Stage Door Dance Arts! They are amazing! I’ve taken dance my entire life & was nervous when signing my daughter up. I was thoroughly impressed & think they are one of the best studios around." 


~ Beth McClendon-Willcut

"Highly recommend the instructors at Stage Door Dance Arts. Their years of experience, in both the dance classroom & the competition environment, cannot be matched. Their passion for dance and their love for children makes for a perfect combination."

~ Sheryl Sample

"SDDA has great instructors and such a positive environment for anyone wanting to dance. Go check them out!"

~ Nicole Wilson-Slough

"A wonderful and encouraging environment for those who love to dance!"

~ Kelsie Campbell

"Love, love, love being a part of this studio. The owners/teachers are amazing!"

~ Jamie Keating-Dallas

"What a blessing to have nurturing and gifted dance teachers!!! My child loves every class at SDDA!!! I highly recommend SDDA!!! Don't miss out on this special place."

~ Shellie Norton-Campbell

"We have had the best experience this summer, and both girls have learned so much! Thanks for all the blood, sweat, and tears that you guys pour into this! We can't wait for Fall!"

~ Shannon Cormier

"We had our daughter's 10th birthday party here recently, and she and her friends had a BLAST! They got to learn a dance that they then performed for parents at the end of the party, and played several fun dance games that kept eveyone very entertained! The party was customized to my daughter's list of songs we had previously sent in, which made it even more special for her! At the end of the party, she was already to have another party there! Definitely one of her favorite birthday parties ever!"

~ Kathy Foshee

"Michelle and Haley are passionate, caring, and educated owners and dancer instructors. The best that dance has to offer! Highly recommended."

~ Shannon Thomas

"The teachers have been so great with my 2 year old, as she adjusts to being in the dance room without momma. My daughter loves it and loves coming home to show her daddy 'the show'."

~ Jessica Burgess

"Haley is an incredible teacher! Her patience with toddlers is amazing. My girl went from being terrified to leave my side, to making some good friends, and having an awesome performance at recital."

~ Lacy Clark

"We are new to Stage Door, and they have made our experience a positive one that will keep us there for a long time."

~ Thurman Family

"I trust the teachers at SDDA with my girls. I cannot give a bigger compliment. I know they want them to succeed. I know they care about their dance but also their well-being as human beings. I know they will be fair, respectful, and kind. When I drop my girls off to these teachers, I am not worried about them. I cannot say that in all areas of their lives, or in other activities. It means so much to me!"

~ Jenifer Kendrick

"As a parent, I am so grateful for the staff at SDDA. Not only has Aniston grown in the last years that she's been with SDDA, but she's grown to love dance! The sparkle in my child's eyes when it's 'dance class day' cannot be matched! Her excitement for dancing has been evident enough that now little sister has joined in. And the fact that you all are strong in your faith, and not afraid to show it, is just the cherry on top of it all! Thanks to every single one of you for what you do! Keep it up!"

~Brittany Moody

"I would just like to say that, even though Caroline has only been with SDDA for a few weeks, I do notice a difference. She absolutely loves her classes and teachers; moreover, I am confident that she is now getting the technical instruction that I felt she was not getting elsewhere. And when you have teachers who can make technique fun, I think that says a lot!"


~ Megan Sullins

"Just wanted to let you know that the recital was beautiful. I was watching a snippet of another recital from LR, and I was so happy for our dance studio. Makes me tearful thinking about it. I literally can't wait until the DVDs are ready to re-watch some of the ones I can't get out of my head. I look back over the past 3 years and see so much growth in her ability. You guys are truly amazing and it is clear you are doing what the Lord had intended for you to do. Thank you for everything!"


~ Susan Roach

"We've been with SDDA for over 4 years and we can not say enough positive things. Beyond pleased. It's so much more than 'just dance', although they are top-notch instructors, choreographers & dancers. SDDA teaches positivity, kindness, respect and many life lessons."

~ Michelle Phillips

"I SO APPRECIATE the way Stage Door chooses costumes that are age-appropriate, and I NEVER worry about the choreography being too mature for Scarlett. Thank you so much to you and Haley for leading your studio and your teachers so well in this. The Creasmans are so, so thankful for y'all!"

~ Cecilia Creasman

"My family moved from Texas to Arkansas last year. Our daughter loves dance and wanted to continuing dancing after we moved. I began emailing studios in our new area. Michelle was very helpful. After talking with Michelle, I knew we were going to register with SDDA. The studio openly welcomed our daughter and family. Shortly after our daughter started attending SDDA, I was amazed by the skill and teaching of her studios teachers! I highly recommend the studio."

~ Kristi Mannon

"We are new to Stage Door, began this summer, and I am very impressed with the work that goes into their studio, choreography, and social media sharing. Parents are kept very up to date, my daughter is having a great time, and everything has been straight forward. Loving it so far."

~ Kimberly McNabb

"We love Stage Door Dance Arts. There is personal feel you don’t get other places. They help each dancer meet their personal goals and help guide them accordingly. Our daughter is thriving in dance because of that. We are so happy we chose Stage Door Dance Arts for our daughter!"

~ Jennifer Hyatt

"This is the most attentive studio that we have been apart of. The skills and technique that Avery has learned over the last several years is so evident when I compare where she started. The choreography is simply amazing! They really take the time to evaluate each student and meet them where they are to help them reach their goals. I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing studio."

~ Susan Roach

"I am a grandparent to an elite teen member. What a blessing this studio is for all dancers. I am so thankful for the professionalism and honest critique of technique thus growing the dancers. Thankful for the staff/owners valuable insight to protect our children/grands, while enabling the studio to remain open and continuing their growth. Looking forward to a new competition season and the fabulous recital to capture each dancer at their best, having been carefully loved, nurtured and critiqued, making them confident and eager to use experiences in everyday life. Thank you SDDA!!!!!!!"

~ Elizabeth Harmon

"2021 Recital is a wrap! WOW. The theme was 'In A New York Minute,' with songs all based around one of my favorite places in the world.  The costumes were gorgeous. The technique was on point and the choreography dropped my jaw many times. It was just an outstanding show. Thank you to SDDA for pouring so much love and energy into our girls. Your talents, your teachings, your creativity, your expectations, your drive was hugely evident in all 3 shows.  I am constantly amazed with every recital."

~ Lori Cullum

"Stage Door Dance Arts is a really great atmosphere. Students are given so much individual attention. The teachers are excellent!"

~ Leila Young

"You guys are the best ! We love SDDA and are proud supporters for the last almost 4 years. We appreciate your hard work. As a fellow small business owner, I know this has been extremely stressful and challenging. You guys have worked tirelessly to find creative ways to keep our girls dancing, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Your efforts are not unnoticed or unappreciated."

~ Nichole Clark

"My family has experienced and respected the teachings of Mrs. Michelle and Miss Haley for several years now. Their combined knowledge of dance, choreography, and style along with their passion to impart the joy of dancing to their students is incredible. They have demonstrated love, patience and compassion with Ashleigh, fashioned with the love of Jesus."

~ Suzanne Webb

"I highly recommend SDDA over any studio in town! There really is no comparison. Haley and Michelle as well, as the rest of the staff at SDDA, are truly the best!!!"


~ Sommer Holden 

"I cannot imagine a better fit for my child. The staff is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They help each child grow and shine. We love SDDA!"

~ Liz Kuykendall

"Top-notch dance classes and teachers!!! I highly recommend this studio."

~ Lisa Dubose

"There are so many reasons I love that Kaylee loves dance. Too many to name. I had to let you know that she was beaming yesterday after class. She woke up this morning for school at 6:00, talking about how she cannot wait for dance today. I think I just wanted to say 'thank you!'.  All of us mommas really love and appreciate you guys!"

~ Lynlee Munerlynn

"We love this dance studio! Stella is loving her ballet/tap class, and especially her teacher. We are very impressed and highly recommend it!"

~ Angie Brown

"Stage Door was our first and best choice. The staff is the best! Welcoming, friendly, down to earth, loving and very skilled. Prices are affordable and the classes excellent. Lots of choices and opportunities! We had to move out of state last year, and my daughter's instructors offered advice for the continuation of her dance career. Beautiful place to be. Every parent I encountered was very sweet and supportive. Great family environment!"

~ Demetrius Simmons

"My daughter has made tremendous progress as a dancer since we’ve been to SDDA. I think it’s because the teachers give individualized attention to each student. They want to make sure that each student learns the proper technique. The teachers and staff are also very caring, organized and professional."

~ Stacey Whitsett

"Amazing teachers and facilities! Michelle and Haley work tirelessly to shape beautiful, technically-trained dancers, and encourage the girls in all areas of their lives. There is not another studio that pours into each student the way SDDA does. We have seen so much growth in our daughter, both as a dancer and as a young lady. We love our SDDA family!"

~ Kara Bell

"SDDA Recital 2021 - “In a New York Minute”!!!  WOW, to say the least it was an AMAZING DAY!!  Hands down Best Recital Ever!  3 Shows, and I was completely blown away!!! Michelle and Haley, it was truly an amazing show.  So many great performances in all ages/levels.  Congratulations to all teachers & dancers!! I can’t wait to see the professional pics & video!"

~ Michelle Swain

"Love SDDA! My daughter has so much fun learning to dance. I appreciate the attention to detail from the instructors as she learns technique in each area."

~ Crystal Webster

"I like that Ada's teachers work on her work-ethic and character right along with teaching her dance. It's important to us, as parents, that we can trust SDDA to impart the type of morals that we hold to be important for our children."

~ Jon Priest

"I love that I can sit and watch/listen to one of Ada's classes and never once hear negativity. In a world where people are so often torn down, I only see building-up at SDDA...even when correction is given (whether on dance technique or on attitude/behavior), it is always done with love and with the purpose of improving the child. I also feel like Mrs. Michelle & Mrs. Haley really 'get' Ada and appreciate her for who she is. Mr. Kevin is also a celebrity in 'our son's' eyes. He enjoys the warm greeting he receives (along with his sucker) when we come by the office."

~ Lena Priest

"What awesome dance recitals those were on Saturday!  I had several friends and family members there to support Sydney Kate.  They were so impressed!!!!  We ran through the gamut of emotions…laughing out loud, cheering loudly from excitement, wiping tears, etc…  I am so thankful that Sydney Kate is enrolled in a studio that focuses on the art of dance and technique, where the instructors have a sincere love of God and the desire to honor Him with music and costumes, where creativity is expressed through decency, and where character and skills are fostered.  There are so many other things that stick out in my mind that were wonderful.  I could go on and on, but the main thing I want to convey is how much I appreciate SDDA.  Thank you, thank you!"


~ Ginger Spradlin

All quotes shared are done so with the expressed permission of the attributed parents. Actual quotes can be found on Google+, Yelp, or the SDDA Facebook page.  Have your own quote you'd like to share? Send it our way, and we'll add it to the board.

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